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It's been a year & our house is going great!

, 03 May 2013

Hi Wade,      Tammy & Mick here from lot # Northlakes, you probably don't even remember us! Just wanted to let you know that it's just over a year now since you handed us the keys. We wanted to say thank you for building our wonderful home, it's been amazing. We're not too modest to say that it looks great fully furnished also. Get off your ass one day and get over here and have a look! The other thing we wanted to say was that, just out of curiousity, we had a look at the website and WOW there was a whole series of houses done on the Cesar plan! We couldn't believe it. Words cannot describe how we felt knowing that, not only did you keep our original plan named after Cesar, but you expanded it into a whole series of modified Cesar plan homes on your website. And on top of that, you even kept the correct spelling of his name! When we did that plan with you and wanted to name it after Cesar, as you know, it was our little way of doing a tribute to his memory for us and we are so proud that you have done the Cesar Series. What you have done has brought tears to our eyes, good tears though, just happy & sad at the same time. Don't know how to thank you enough Wade. If we win the lotto this week we'll be building Cesar plans everywhere!!! Anyway, enough for now, thank you once again , our house is going great and feel free to call in anytime should you want to have a look. See ya.

Tammy & Michael.