Dream it. Build it. Love it.


Colours:  Solver paint from builder’s range.


Note: An allowance for 1 (one) external paint colour only. Additional colours will be at the Owner/s expense.
Soffit (Eaves): 2 (two) coat system. 1 (one) coat of sealer and 1 (one) coat of acrylic, gloss. Builder’s standard white.
Doors & Frames: 2 (two) coat system. 1 (one) coat of primer and 1 (one) coat of Gloss.
Cement Sheet: (external cladding) 2 (two) coat system, 1 (one) coat of sealer and 1 (one) coat of semi-gloss acrylic.


Walls and Skirtings: Three (3) coat system. Washable acrylic. One (1) colour throughout.
Ceilings and Cornices: Two (2) coats of white flat acrylic.
Doors and Architraves: Two (2) coat system. Gloss. One (1) colour (shade of wall) throughout.