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Driveway: Exposed aggregate concrete driveway and path to front door up to a total area of 60m2, including ground preparation for level site.

Exposed Concrete is created by mixing unique aggregates with grey concrete and an exposing finish.
There are 3 choices available from our standard range. 




Gardens: One (1) garden bed to front yard to meet covenant approval if applicable.

Turf: Turf to be laid where necessary to complete landscaping of yard. 
N.B. Turf is to be laid on handover. The Owner/s are responsible for watering. 

Fencing: 1800mm high plain timber fencing up to a total length of 60 lineal metres with two (2) timber-clad, steel-framed pedestrian gates. One (1) gate only for houses with garage on boundary. No allowance for painting is included.

Gravel: Pathway on one side of the house generally the same side as the clothesline.

Clothesline: Wall mounted clothesline, installed. As per plan.

Letterbox: Colorbond letterbox from builder’s range, including installation.