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Note: The following allowances are for a suburban residential block with a six (6) metre setback.

Electricity: Underground single phase. 10 (ten) metres allowance OR overhead single phase. 20 (twenty)metres allowance with 1 (one) fascia bracket.

Lights: Location: Refer to electrical plan.
External: 1 (one) light per area complete with a bunker light fitting, located outside Laundry, Alfresco and front Porch and 2 (two) up and down lights to front elevation, from builder’s range.
Internal: 1 (one) light per room (note includes hallway and entry) with a alabaster light fitting and energy globe from builder’s range. Note the following rooms Media, Living, Dining, Family and Master Bedroom to have 2 (two) light points and fittings.
1 (one) two way switch.
Garage: Single fluorescent 32 watt light fitting from builder’s range.
Kitchen: 1 (one) Round 32 watt fluorescent light fitting from builder’s range.

Powerpoints: Double Power Points from builder’s range: 1 (one) double power point to each room (includes bathrooms, Ensuite and Powder rooms).
2 (two) double power points to the following rooms: Kitchen, Media Room, Living Room, Dining and Family (if applicable).
3 (three) Double power points to Master bedroom.
Single Power Points from builder’s range: 6 (six) for the following; Range Hood, Fridge, Dishwasher, Motor for Garage Door, Microwave and Gas Cook Top.
External weatherproof power points from builder’s range: as specified on plan.
1 x Single power point for Gas HWS.
1 x Double power point to Alfresco.

Exhaust Fans: (Self sealing) – to Bathrooms, Ensuites, W.C. and Powder rooms (if applicable) from builder’s range.
Location: as specified on plan.

Safety Switches: Located in meter box.

TV Points: From builder’s range 1 (one) TV Point to each of the following: Bedroom 1, Family and Media/Living Room (if applicable).

TV Antenna: Standard TV antenna, installed from builder’s range.

Smoke Alarms: Generally 2 (two) smoke alarms (hard wired) as required from builder’s range.

Ceiling Fans:1 (one) 1200mm white ceiling fan from builder’s range to be fitted to each bedroom.
1 (one) 1200mm white ceiling fan from the builder’s range to be fitted to Living Area and Media Room (as shown on plans).
1 (one) 1200mm white ceiling fan from the builder’s range to be fitted to alfresco (or rear patio ground floor only, as shown on plans).

Phone point: 2 (two) phone points located in Kitchen and Master Bedroom.

NBN Ready: Your new home will be set up for future connection to National Broadband Network, including:
A “service drop conduit” with a draw wire from the front boundary to the house (where the future NBN utility box will be installed). Note if the NBN is already running along your street this conduit will run to the NBN box in the street.
An “internal conduit” with draw wire from the PCD (Premises Connection Device) to the nominated location of future NBN connection box.
Single power point next to the connection box.
Two data points located in kitchen & bed 1.
All internal cabling for phones run to via connection box location to allow for future connection to NBN box.
Note - Does not include connection to the NBN or the installation of fibre optic cables and equipment