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Ceramic Wall & Floor TIling

All tiles from builder’s range generally ceramic up to 400 x 400.

Kitchen: Splash back wall tiled to 400mm or 600mm where overhead cupboards are used.

Bathroom / Ensuite: Floors tiled. Bath surround tiled to 600mm. Vanity splash back tiled to 300mm, or to mirror. Skirting tiled to single tile height. Two (2) soap holders, (three (3) where Ensuite is included). Walls tiled to shower recess.

Shower Tray: Shower bases are tiled.

Floor wastes: 100mm chrome on plastic from builder’s range.

W.C: Floors Tiled

Skirting tiled to single tile height.

Main Floor: Generally Kitchen, Hallways (ground floor only), Family Room and Dining Room.

Laundry: Laundry tub splash back tiled to 400mm. Floors tiled to enclosed rooms only (refer note below). Skirting tiled to single tile height to enclosed rooms only (refer note below).

Grout: Grout colour is white to walls and neutral to floor.

1. The following tile sizes are allowed:
Floor tiles: 400mm x 400mm (wet area tiles 300mm x 300mm).
Wall and Skirting Tiles: 200mm x 200mm or 200mm x 250mm.

2. Tile laying is allowed in square direction. If tiles are required in any different format, the builder will inform the Owner/s by Variation document, of any additional charge that will be incurred. Excludes garage, patios, outdoor areas etc.